How to Start a Bail Bonds Business
A California General Bail Agency

A California Department of Insurance Licensed Bail Agency & California Secretary of State Active Corporation

The Bail Mentorship Program was established in 2010 by successful bail bonds professionals with decades of collective experience in not just running bail bonds companies but who also have a history of doing so and while helping people begin careers in the many areas of the bail business in general.


Traditionally, general agencies that have sponsored new bail agents also compete with their bail agents and often in the same bail bonds markets. This established Bail Mentorship Program is different in that it does not compete for bail bonds with its own bail agents.


Many new bail agents who have undertaken the journey to start their own bail agencies have been handed surety documents and then been left alone to set out and learn bail by trial and, sometimes, very expensive error; conversely, bail agents in this Bail Mentorship Program are, in fact, fully supported.


Operating a bail agency may be High Financial Gain, but it can also be High Financial Risk. The Bail Mentorship Program has an apparatus in place that alleviates Risk to the extent that underwriting guidance helps bail agents avoid bail problems and can literally fix such problems in real-time.


Your Bail Mentor is tasked with one thing: to provide unparalleled training and support to help exceptional people not only get started in bail bonds but to also help each new bail agent develop and grow their businesses.


Each new bail agent will undergo initial training in how to underwrite each bond on a case-by-case basis in such a way that the liability inherent with every bail bond is minimized, and, if a bond should be forfeited, your Bail Mentor will be there to help you get forfeitures set aside.


The foundational principles of the Bail Mentor Program were totally unheard of, without compare, and have surely served as a model to be copied by other general bail agencies; indeed, Bail Mentor has become a highly respected general bail agency with dozens of bail bond company owners and major sureties and all of which have expressed amazement by the innovative methodologies of this general bail agency.


Bail Mentor Bail Agents are the best trained bail bond company owners in California and are now making an impact in their perspective bail bond markets.


Additionally, each bail agent has undergone initial training with California's Fastest Growing and most Trusted Name regarding their bail bonds pre-licensing and continuing bail training school, Bailspeak.


Treating each bail bond caller with dignity and respect and then providing unchallenged customer service is the hallmark of Bail Mentor trained bail agents. As a training example, this is how a bail agent becomes the person that people will call, over and over again, and even tell other people to call for bail bonds services.


Do your own research and discover how the Bail Mentor Program is a totally unique general agency brand that is now recruiting small business owners with no experience in bail bonds; indeed, no other general bail agency is set up to help its bail agents win a direct to surety contract once training is complete!


About the Bail Mentorship's Proven Programs

  • Underwriting Seminars Provided

  • Sales & Marketing Seminars Provided

  • Low-Cost Web Design and optimization for top page rankings

  • Low-Cost Video Ad Productions to draw web traffic to your site

  • Below Market Rate Bounty Hunting by the best in the business

  • Bail Bond Motion Classes available

  • Access to Low-cost bail motion drafting below attorney fee rates

  • Low Cost GA Court Appearances

  • 24-Hour Underwriting Consultation

  • General Business Consultation

  • Flexible Surety Appointment Terms

  • Potential for Declining Bond Costs

  • Possible direct-to-surety contract upon program completion

  • GA Does Not Compete for Bonds


What separates this Bail Mentorship Program from other conventional general bail agencies?


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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man Bike


Bail Mentor is now Building a Replica of Mickey Rourke’s


98 Inch Death Machine Stroker or Black Death Bike


Updates to this ongoing Project to Follow.

Mentor Trained Bail Bond Company Owners are Currently Based and Operating out of the Following California Cities:


  • Auburn
  • Roseville
  • Sacramento
  • Modesto
  • Pleasanton
  • Dublin
  • San Francisco
  • Redwood City
  • Hayward
  • Fremont
  • San Jose
  • Fresno
  • Bakersfield
  • Santa Barbara
  • Anaheim
  • Irvine
  • Los Angeles
  • Riverside
  • San Diego