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Bond Forfeiture Solutions


The quickest way that people new to bail learn the hard teachings of unrecoverable wayward clients is when a California Superior Court orders a bond Forfeited and subjects the bail agent to the potentiality of having to pay the total penal amount of a bad bond.


This Bail Mentorship program offers a below market rate Force Multiplier Program that is unmatched, beyond compare, and may solve bail bond forfeitures by physically apprehending misguided clients, by drafting and appearing in court as agents for your surety to orally argue procedural technicalities and win orders to vacate forfeitures and exonerate bonds, cause self-surrenders, and even solve problems by reinstating forfeited bonds.

Managing Bail Bond Liability

The Art of Bail


“Think Quarter Century and Not Fiscal Quarter”


Today’s bail bonds market is more competitive than ever before, and the potentiality of suffering huge financial losses is ever-present absent the proper guidance and support of a time tested and proven system of ongoing business success.


All too often, some opt for seeing only what is directly in front of them and not beyond the immediate fiscal quarter.  In this Bail Mentorship Program you will learn to think in terms of running a viable bail bonds company over the next quarter century by contrast.


For example, a comprehensive review of recently published and unpublished appellate court decisions are indicative of trends concerning bail bond motions to the extent that summary judgments are being ordered at an alarming rate; consequently, it is a foregone conclusion, based on anecdotal and facts in evidence, that bail bond company owners who are not keeping up with actionable procedural technicalities and filing moving papers based on wholly antiquated arguments may very well suffer the financial impacts of, arguably, deliberate indifference.


Here we can anticipate elements of various bail markets opening up for the next generation of bail bond company owners to install and grow their individual bail bonds businesses.


This Bail Mentorship Program is standing by with Mobile Continuing Bail Education Classes with an emphasis in keeping up with why bail bond motions fail and how to repurpose moving papers for today’s California Superior Courts.


Another aspect to consider is how to get your phone to ring, and, more importantly, how to take the callers off the bail bond market.  You have the opportunity to take advantage of proven marketing strategies that have worked for years and continue to work today.


No bail bonds company can survive an onslaught of summary judgments, and you will learn how to protect yourself from suffering the devastating effects of paying out on bad bonds.  During this learning process, you will have access to proven forfeiture troubleshooters and at below the standard market rate of 10% of the penal amount of the bond.


As noted above, industry professionals are expecting portions of the bail market to open up by and through failing bail bond companies who were not expecting the reality of economic downturns.  The question is: will you be ready to take your place in your local bail bonds market?


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How much do bail bondsmen make

Motions to Vacate Forfeitures and Exonerate Bail Bonds

Are Not Silver Bullets


It is, without any viable contestation, that any person who has become a licensed bail agent, without fail, quickly learns that some people will install material false statements on bail applications, promise to pay the balance on bail bond premium and then default requiring collections, small claims or superior court action, fail to appear in court and take flight from prosecution, and bail agent monies or real properties are subject to the hazards of being used as collateral when a bail bond client becomes a wanted felony fugitive and is unrecoverable.


It is far better to have a working knowledge of the Bounty Hunting Arts long before a bail bond client skips bail, but why?


·         Firstly, the California Bail Exam requires fugitive recovery knowledge to pass

·         Bail forfeitures are time-sensitive and must be handled quickly

·         Bail agents have been forced into bankruptcy on bad bonds

·         Bail agents have been convicted of crimes for bounty hunting unlawfully

·         Bail agents have paid massive settlements in relation their bounty hunters

·         Bail agents have been assaulted during investigations

·         Bail agents have been cut and stabbed by edged weapons

·         Bail agents have been shot at while working cases

·         Bail agents have been inadvertently shot by cops

·         Bail agents have been murdered during bail jumper apprehensions


Nevertheless, there is a discernable, however slight, rise in people who want to write bail for high gain but are curiously complaining that fugitive recovery training isn’t necessary because:


·         “I’m only working as a posting agent.”

·         “I’ll never have to arrest anyone.”

·         “I’ll hire bounty hunters.”

·         “I’ll just file a motion.”

·         “I don’t need it.”


The above examples of actual statements from callers presupposes a great many things and, more importantly, betrays one’s potentiality or lack thereof to succeed in the California Bail Bond Industry—bluntly stated.


The indisputable facts are these:


·         Some people branch off and start their own bail agencies

·         Refusing to arrest a bail clients can and has resulted in massive financial losses

·         Not all bounty hunters are liability-free professionals resulting in tort actions

·         It is not the 1990s and bail motions are more likely to fail

·         It simply isn’t possible to succeed in bail bonds without fugitive recovery





Why Does Having a "Bail Mentor" Matter to the Success of Your Bail Bond Company?

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