How to Start a Bail Bonds Business
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How to Start a Bail Bonds Business


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Q: I don’t have any experience in bail bonds. How can the Bail Mentorship Program help me get started in bail?


A: This Bail Mentorship Program is part of a totally unique, hybrid general bail agency that offers exceptional people with a nearly turn-key path to bail bonds company ownership. The emphasis and preference is precisely on people who have no experience in bail consistent with the “wet clay” approach. You will start by learning the proper way to transact bail and without any bad habits that cost other bail agencies huge financial set-backs or even company closure.


Q: My credit is shot. Will this stop me from qualifying?


A: Every person is evaluated on a case-by-case basis and according to their individual circumstances. Bad credit is not an automatic bar to program inclusion.


Q: Will I have to put up collateral such as real property or cash?


A: As indicated above, every person has different circumstances and may or may not qualify without collateral. You won’t know if you don’t try.


Q: I am a successful business owner with money and assets. Can I go directly to a surety?


A: Probably not. Bail is horrendously complex, and a person who does not know bail can very easily get into serious financial trouble. Sureties know this and will not be likely to appoint a person with no verifiable experience in successfully transacting bail as a bail agent. This Bail Mentorship Program acts as a bridge of experience between you and your surety who would otherwise pass on your solo application.


Q: I am a veteran bounty hunter, and I am ready to open my own bail agency. Should I contact this general bail agency?


A: In point of fact, some of the best bail agents started out as bounty hunters. Make the call and let us see if starting your own bail bond company is right for you.


Q: I’m a new bail agent with another general agent. My rate is stuck at a certain percentage. How will signing on with the new Bail Mentorship Program improve my situation?


A: Bail agents who sign onto the Bail Mentorship Program will have their business operations periodically reviewed through the prism of ongoing success. Those persons responding to training and on track to grow their businesses may have their rates reduced on a gradual scale and may ultimately develop a direct-to-surety relationship. This process is totally unheard of and will not be matched by any other general agent.

In point of fact, it is the goal of this bail program to help people not only get started in bail but to ultimately learn and then prosper and then graduate out of the Bail Mentor program for the purposes of prospering as a small to medium to large bail business.

Q: Honesty by Bail Mentor on the Internet.  Wow!  How refreshing.  This all sounds great! How to do I get started in bail?


A: Email or call Bail Mentor. We’ll all sort things out from there.


Q: My question is not answered above. What should I do?


A: Pick up the phone and call or send an email.