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Static websites are considered less than advantageous when compared to websites with bail videos; indeed, visit your competitor's websites and you may find that a growing number have installed videos on their websites.


A rising percentage of video viewers click to learn more about the product or service, and viewing videos on a website goes to showing the personality of the business or its owners, which may result in an increase in inbound calls.


The more a potential client can gather from a quick visit to your website, the longer a person will stay on your website.


The videos linked above are an example of effective "Branding" and use of a marketing device perfectly suited for Social Media.


The atypical brochure styled websites or overly laden websites that are too complicated or take too much time to load by desktops, laptops, tablets, and cellular phones, while each somewhat industry standards, are exactly what should be avoided.


Your prospective clients move quickly, and, generally speaking, your media should move quickly too and offer something that can be seen and heard and replayed.


Bail Mentor offers a well hidden production department that is run by people who have been successful in all areas of the bail bonds industry. This in and of itself should carry great weight and be deemed controlling over hiring someone who is tech wizard but knows little to nothing about bail and bounty hunting.


The above linked bail videos are lengthy versions of bail bond commercials (proposed, written, produced, edited and up on YouTube, generally within 36-Hours) presented herein as an example of Bail Mentor’s very inexpensive or possibly FREE work in Internet Video Productions.


Take some time and visit the websites of your bail bond and bounty hunting competitors, and, if they’re doing something to rank higher or draw in more visitors that you are not, you may want to seriously consider going forward with simple to more complex video productions that go to promoting your business.


All too often, this Office receives calls from bail bond company owners who spent noteworthy amounts of cash hiring so-called organic SEO people and companies who have absolutely no background in the bail bonds industry; therefore, it stands to reason that results from sales and marketing vary.


Bail Mentor’s Production Department is run by people who have succeeded and continue to succeed in the bail bonds and bounty hunting trades and with a long track record of helping others get into bail in general.


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